English information about Dr. Rene M. Jansen

René is a highly experienced, inspiring and intelligent "thought leader" for the information society and the knowledge economy. He is director of Winkwaves, a consulting company for enterprise social networking and knowledge management. He combines his commercial work with research and teaching positions at the University of Amsterdam, Nyenrode Business University and University Malaya in Kuala Lumpur.

René has a broad knowledge of organizations and strategy, and is a specialist in helping organizations to identify and define objectives and business requirements for their intranet, extranet, portals and internet. He is highly effective as a process facilitator, content expert or as overall lead consultant. He has worked in all kind of sectors (financial, retail, industry and business services) in both national and international projects.

Because of his open mind, his sense of humor and his ability to easily adapt to the setting he has to act in, René is able to quickly develop a good relationship of understanding and trust with his customers. This quality makes René a perfect consultant for the startup and initial phases of projects, and as a sparring partner for customers during projects.

Over the years Rene has been working for both small startups and major (international) organizations as Robeco, DHL, KPN, Vendex KBB, Unilever and KLM.